We Speak

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We Speak / My Story

My daughter and I have
come forward to tell our story, with the purpose of letting the administration know that-
YES - We do have rights. Our story tells our experience with A-R School District, Apollo,
Pennsylvania. I also want to let the public know that in order to stop a bully, you have
to stand up to one.

After we have felt that all our rights have been stripped from us, and were not satisfied
with the Administration's

slapping of hands that were breaking laws (and big one's too), we've decided to use our
right of Freedom of Speech.

After speaking with ACLU, they have informed me that I can tell my story & I am
protected by the law. (Thank You)

Hopefully, after several months & years of people not listening to us, we can help
others (that we have found),

and I can not only help my daughter, but can help MANY others that I have found in the
same situation.

I pray that these parents will face those who are the bully,

and will come forward.

With upcoming elections, rumors of retirement, and some leaving, I could not see one's who
had a hand in my daughter's story, knowing laws had been broken, walk away--after me being
told they were happy.

So to those of you who did this---Shame on You---you are BUSTED! Any attorneys out there
that are willing to help,

please feel free to get in touch with me. I am ready to Speak.

We Speak

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My story is my opinions & rememberances of my daughter's and my experiences with our school. I have taken names of student's, as I do not wish to exploit these children more than they have been. It is not my intention to try to make someone believe something they do not want to.
In the event that I am contacted pertaining experiences of other students in school, I will not release your name if you are a minor or if you do not want it released.
I believe that you students & parents have a right to privacy!
Our story that we share with you, is to let others know that there is someone who will listen when you feel like we do.
We find ourselves in the situation where we have a contract, and are aware of other contracts that are not being honored.
So, to those of you who may be offended--Go to another page.
We're not asking you to read past this.
If you read our story, it is of your own free will.
To those of you who have no problems in your school district, I am truly happy for you. We are not trying to sway anyone. So, you make the choice & the responsibility
of whether you choose to read or not from the list to your right.

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The Fax & Return Letter

1rst Letter to School Board & Superintendant for pre-meeting

2nd Letter to School Board Members & Superintendant for the next month pre-meeting

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